Fair Transport – for sustainable transport

As a member of Fair Transport, we want to contribute to sustainable transport that benefits everyone. By replacing price competition with quality competition, we take our share of the responsibility for reducing the negative impact on the environment and human health. That is why we always take into account the workplace, quality, environment and traffic safety in our transport.

Our commitments

Through membership in Fair Transport, we commit ourselves to living up to the established criteria and goals for responsibility, environment, climate and road safety. As a customer, you can be sure that we measure, report openly and actively work for continuous improvement. We take responsibility in ensuring what we buy and deliver is sustainable. Fair transport is the industry’s way of making sustainable transport visible.

Responsible, climate-smart and traffic-safe

80% of all goods transported in Sweden are transported by truck. Therefore, at Wohlins we take an important and responsible role in society – for our employees as well as for the environment and road safety. With Fair Transport, we go one step further than the legal requirements when it comes to the working environment, emissions and road safety. Fair Transport was founded on the initiative of transport companies. Since 2019, work on sustainable transport chains has been further strengthened and refined. Find out more about Fair Transport.