Our thoughts on sustainability

Wohlins is a small company and we invest very much in our staff which is a big part of the company’s development and success. The environment is also important to us and we are constantly working to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. In 2013, we were awarded environmental diplomas according to Svensk Miljöbas. In 2014, we made even more investments in our environmental work, were nominated for the environmental award Miljöpris and we purchased an electric car.

We are constantly working to reduce our energy consumption and all lighting is LED or low energy lamps. We have replaced all old weather seals to reduce cold leakage. The fact that we have one large frozen storage warehouse means an energy saving due to the large mass helping maintain the cooling instead of cooling several different warehouses.

We only use “green electricity” from renewable energy sources that have a minimal climate impact, with no emission of carbon dioxide. Wohlins is part of a network with the Energimyndigheten and Länsstyrelsen, along with other major energy consumers in southern Halland. We set up clear environmental goals and visions for a period of 3 years at a time.

We are currently working together on a project with our energy supplier to try to utilize the excess heat generated in our cooling production. Can district heating in the industrial area be a solution?

We are also involved in Fair Transport. In this way, we contribute to the work of sustainable transport in terms of road safety, emissions and the working environment. We want to set a good example and do what we can to be responsible, drive safely and take into account our climate impact. In 2017 we were awarded diplomas for Sunda Transporter from Sveriges Åkeriföretag.


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KRAV certified production

Environmental Diploma Svensk Miljöbas.

Approval of food plant. Livsmedelsverket.

Sustainable transport. Fair Transport.

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