Wohlins – a frozen and bright story

It all started with Allan Wohlin driving ice cream to Stockholm in the 70s. Sometime in the 80s he had several pallets of ice cream left over and needed to store them somewhere. Being the entrepreneur he is, he saw that many other companies had the same needs. He first bought a freezer container and not much longer after that he built a freezer warehouse.

As the business grew, it moved to Fyllinge in Halmstad and has expanded several times. Eventually his sons Tomas and Roger took over. Today, the business has grown with advanced logistics and large frozen storages, but still the same basic principle is applied: to store and transport frozen foods. And to solve all the problems that arise along the way.

Ice cold all the way


Allan starts Wohlins with a focus on ice cream transport to Stockholm


A frozen storage company is formed and becomes the beginning of the warehousing business


Moving to our new frozen storage in Kistinge, Halmstad


Expansion of frozen storage with 1,100 m2


The sons Roger and Tomas take over the business
Expansion of frozen storage with 2,700 m2


Environmental diplomas according to Svensk Miljöbas 


Entrepreneur of the Year in Halmstad
Nominated for the environmental award, Miljöpris


Entrepreneur of the Year in Halland


Expansion 1,800 m2 product freezing and packing


Fair Transport-certified. ”Sunda transporter” from the Swedish association of Road transport companies
The facility for co-packing/mix-packing is put into use
Construction of a new freezer warehouse begins in Slöinge


The frozen storage facility in Slöinge is sold to Sia Glass


The expansion journey accelerates with new customer agreements and new trucks


Solar panels are installed on the facility’s roof
Acquisition of a new property for dry storage