The people at Wohlins

From being a purely family business, we have grown into a wonderful crowd of people from different corners of the world today. And we stay cool in all situations.

Patrik Hedman

Transport supervisor

Cool and calm problem solver for transport and logistic challenges.

+46(0)35-18 04 86

Doughlas Nåvall

Transport supervisor

Takes on assignments with creativity and flexibility.

+46(0)709-76 34 88

Susanne Mohlin

Transport and logistics consultant

Driven and innovative solution creator. Super cool!

+46(0)706-88 33 85

Mattias Edwardsson

Production Manager

Courageous organizer who solves most things and always stays cool.

+46(0)35-18 04 87

Sam Atwa

Technical Manager

Problem solver who loves challenges and is a master in linking different cultures.

+46(0)35-280 39 89

Louise Elmgren

Transport and Logistics Administration

Office superhero in total control of everything and everybody.

+46(0)35-18 04 85

Rolf Frid


Effective coordinator and all-round trouble-shooter with lots of humour.

+46(0)705-94 10 20

Roger Wohlin

Transport and Logistics Manager

Surprisingly efficient – solves both logistic matters and tricky situations.

+46(0)709-76 34 80

Tomas Wohlin

Stock Manager

Super-professional logistics juggler, superbly solution-oriented and reliable in all conditions.

+46(0)709-76 34 82

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    We are here

    Wohlins Fryshus Logistik AB
    Remvägen 6
    SE-302 62 Halmstad,

    +46(0)35-18 04 80