Quick freezing – ice cold in a flash

In our modern cold storage facility in Halmstad, we have efficient freezing capabilities. To maintain the quality of food products, it is important that freezing is done correctly. For faster freezing, we use special freezing tunnels with fans. The fans remove moisture and provide a stronger cooling effect. With an extreme wind speed, both fresh and chilled food products quickly reach a temperature of -25°C.

We prepare the freezing process by ensuring that the air can flow through the pallet as efficiently as possible. The pallet is placed in a rack in the freezing tunnel. Each tunnel has its own fan to maximize the effect. Freezing time varies depending on the food and packaging material. After freezing, your goods are placed in the cold storage until it is time for delivery to the customer. Of course, we ensure that all packing, labeling, numbering, and other markings are in place. Read more about our logistics here.

Quick freezing of food products

Bread, poultry and berries are examples of foods that are suitable for fast freezing.

Know-how and experience

For us, competence means understanding our customers’ needs and handling their raw materials with care. Add a substantial dose of orderliness, i.e., structure, logistics, resources, flexibility, long-term perspective, and speed, and you have a picture of our frozen world.

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Ice cold facts

  • Capacity 120 pallets per day
  • 12 freezing tunnels with fans
  • High wind speed that provides quick freezing
  • Long experience in frozen foods