Warehousing – a cold experience

At Wohlins we have well planned and rational warehousing for all goods that need to be stored in refrigerated or frozen storage. Efficient logistics and total solutions save many working hours and costs for our customers. No need for investing in your own warehousing. Lower costs are simply part of the benefits when working with us.

Our goal is to always maintain a high level of service and quickly solve unforeseen challenges for our customers. We offer a variety of services, which means we solve the entire logistics chain. Our long experience gives us an understanding of our customers’ needs and respect for their goods. We always strive to keep our customers satisfied and to be ahead in both technology and environmental issues.

FEFO philosophy

We practice FEFO – First Expired, First Out (compared with traditional FIFO – First In, First Out). A food storage and handling system that is both more efficient and smarter. We handle approximately 500 pallets per day and our customers can log in and track their goods via our online storage status. Our warehouses are approved and certified for food.

Ice cold facts

  • 8,000 m² modern frozen storage in our warehousing in Halmstad
  • 6 levels of storage space
  • Mobile and fixed pallet racks
  • Storage solutions for all type of goods that need temperature control
  • Customized total solutions
  • Strategic location on the west coast of Sweden