Temperature-controlled transport across Europe

We have a well-developed transport network with reliable refrigerated and frozen transports who ensure that the goods arrive on time and maintain the correct temperature all the way to the customer. The cargo docks are kept chilled, and we have weatherproof locks for unloading and loading. We also have our own courier vehicles that can transport up to one ton of chilled/frozen goods simultaneously.

Wohlins works actively with Fair Transport. This way, we contribute to the work of sustainable transport in terms of road safety, emissions and the working environment. We want to be a good example and do what we can to take responsibility, drive safely and be climate conscious. Our goal is to always have satisfied customers and to be at the forefront when it comes to both technology and the environment.

Vehicles for transporting temperature-sensitive food products across Europe

  • A complete logistics chain
  • Unbroken refrigerated and frozen chain
  • Specialists in temperature-sensitive food products
  • Customized solutions
  • Reliable shipments to customers

Do you need to larger volumes, or other assistance with the transporting of frozen, chilled, dry or temperature-controlled goods? We have long experience in solving most issues in the transport and logistics of food, from warehousing to distribution. We work wholeheartedly with total control of the entire logistics chain with guaranteed cooling. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

Fast facts

  • 6 docks for loading and unloading
  • Access to unloading and loading around the clock
  • 8 own trucks
  • About 15 hauliers and 250 trucks in the operation
  • Extensive network of refrigerated, frozen, warm, and dry transport

Fair Transport

We want to contribute to sustainable transport that benefits everyone.

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