Frozen transport in an unbroken cold chain

We have a well-developed transport network and terminals that allow you to safely transport temperature-sensitive frozen goods. Our frozen transports maintain a maximum temperature of -18°C throughout the entire transport.

Transport solutions for frozen foods

Before loading, the vehicle walls and compartments are cooled to maintain the correct temperature throughout the transport. The temperature of the goods is checked before we load and monitored throughout the transport. At Wohlins, we specialize in transporting temperature-sensitive foods such as ice cream, berries, vegetables, cakes, bread, meat, poultry, and fish. We take pride in flawlessly handling all frozen transports.

Know-how and experience

For us, competence means understanding our customers’ needs and being careful about their goods. Add a proper dose of structure, i.e. logistics, resources, flexibility, speed and continuity – that’s what our frozen world looks like.